We are back!

“Tamar”-The Stage Play

The critically acclaimed, sold out show stage play that took Chicago by storm, with over 1000 tickets sold in November 2021, is coming back with more inspiration, more comedy, more shock and you can be a part of this life changing stage play!

I’m so proud of Minister Paige,Oh my God! I just went to her stage play it’s was awesome 👏👏👏

Wanda Rucker

Tamar was awesome!!! I am beyond proud of you Trarina Paige! When yall come to Georgia I will be attending again with my whole family and some friends!!! I love you girl!!!!

Felisha Powell

Trarina Paige you did that…giving a voice to silent cries and an opportunity for healing. GREAT JOB!

Tabatha Foster

👏🏽 Phenomenal play!!!! Hey…. if you haven’t seen “Tamar” you have got to see it!!! It was mind blowing, funny, so many emotions behind this one! I was angry, then I was sad, then I was happy, then I was left thinking WOW!!! Me and my bestfriends really enjoyed ourselves! Thank you so much for the invite Trarina Paige! Super proud of you 🙌🏽 Wishing u nothing but much success, love and blessings to you and your team❤️

Dominque Greer

Trarina Paige sweetheart you & your cast out did yourselves , rain & all this was worth it & more. Scriptures, singing 🎤, praises & prayer, breaking chains & most of all a live scene on reality. So many people suffer from sexual abuse & try to suppress it & don’t realize how damaging that can be. Hurting others is not the answer or hurting yourself by addictions & most definitely suicide is not an answer. They truly, wholeheartedly need to seek God. Sorry so long but I got the message & understand it. Your Husband said it best, DON’T STOP 😘 #BRAVO

Lakesha Harris




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