Trarina Washington


Trarina Washington Paige LLC. has an insatiable desire to create value by building upon each other’s capabilities through collaboration and motivation to take action while providing support and guidance through the process to achieve greatness.
Trarina Washington Paige LLC’s mission statement is to excel in the industry by creating an innovative company hat will supply profitable and positive audio and visuals to a diverse international consumer group.

The CEO of Trarina Washington Paige LLC is Trarina Paige.

She is a passionate and open-minded individual supported by a team of credible and committed individuals prepared to harness all their strength, availability, and professionalism to catapult the business to a greater height.

Trarina Paige is a native of Chicago, Illinois, passionate about living a life of purpose and impact. A wife to my high school sweetheart of thirty two years, mother of three amazing children.

Sourced from Around the Globe

Trarina has vast experience in script writing, speaking, coaching, theatrical production, staging and directing. Highly knowledgeable in this business, with over 10 years experience.  She is fully involved, committed and devoted to the business daily operation; therefore, there is no doubt about her expertise and experience to make this business success.
Our greatest goal are the principles that guide Trarina Washington Paige LLC; not only collectively as a company but also as an individual associated with Trarina Washington Paige LLC

  • We will be true to our aspirations and ourselves.
  • We will plan or success and execute the plan.
  • We will build enduring and meaningful relationships.
  • We will communicate with clarity and professionalism.
  • We will cultivate a winning culture.





301 W. Modamin St Unit 313, United States